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Sightless Cinema 'The Covid Tapes - A Cocooners' Comedy in 5 Parts'

By Ciarán Taylor of Carpet Theatre, and White Cane Audio Theatre

Listen on the following YouTube links: Episode 1 "Cocooners' Hub'  Episode 2 'GAA to the Rescue' Episode 3 'The Ladies' Department' Episode 4 'No Contact Delivery'   Episode'Cocooner's Take Out' available now on Sightless Cinema Youtube Series Trailer Here


Sightless Cinema presents 'The Covid Tapes - Cocooners' Comedy in 5 parts. Devised by White Cane Audio Theatre and Ciarán Taylor. Performed by members of the company. Sound for Series is by Gerry Horan.Sightless Cinema 2019-2021 is funded by South Dublin County Council in partnership with National Council for the Blind of Ireland. Supported by Contact Studios at Rua Red South Dublin Arts Centre. 

Sightless Cinema 

‘I’d do it again a hundred times over’- participant

Radio Theatre Workshop for Blind and Visually Impaired

In cooperation with National Council for the Blind of Ireland (NCBI)

Ciarán Taylor, theatre director-deviser, facilitator 

Link: Sightless Cinema 2016 on RTE Radio 1 Arena


Audience Written Responses Sightless Cinema 2016 Social Inclusion Week, Lighthouse Cinema: 

'Inspiring, captured the imagination' - ‘Really insightful, made me ‘see’ blindness from a totally different perspective.’-‘Absolutely fantastic, great real life experiences’ -'very moving.'-‘Very well written and performed’- 'It was very funny, but also quite emotional'-

Participant survey

‘I never imagined what it was going to become, but it blew me away!’ ‘it increased my confidence, I never thought of myself as in that role.’ ‘It expanded my horizons-I’m listening for sounds when I’m out.’ ‘Took twenty years off me- the performance was the best day of my life.’ ‘We achieved what hadn’t been done before. It enhanced my belief in human beings.’

Sightless Cinema aims to empower people with sight loss as artistic collaborators and creators in the medium of sound, using theatre devising techniques to generate original plays and creative documentaries. The project has proven an excellent platform for arts participation, personal development, well-being and social inclusion, while also raising awareness of sight loss in the broader community, further promoting inclusion. The productions are presented in live events where blind and sighted audience gather for a shared experience of listening to the recordings and live performances. The project is in its fifth year and is currently supported by South Dunblin County, in straregic partnership with the NCBI.

Sightless Cinema was first commissioned by Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council with the National Council for the Blind- a nine-month participatory radio drama devising project culminating in a live performance and communal listening event at U.C.D. Cinema, June 2015, and Lexicon Dun Laoghaire October 2015.

 Listen at link below

Article including participant responses (under ‘Feedback and afterlife’) on 2015 project on search Sightless Cinema